The New Generation Hotel Employee

This blog has focused on the new generation hotel, the new generation hotel guest and even the new generation general manager. But now meet a true new generation hotel employee. Florie has all the skills that it takes to apply for a managerial position in most hotels, but her approach to the process is brand new. Will the next generation hotel manager be a nomad like Florie? Read about her forthcoming plans in her own words.

Nice to meet you! My name is Florie. I’m a 27-year-old-French girl who loves travelling and studied Hospitality Management. Like you maybe?! 🙂

I was thinking about how to combine my passion of meeting people and discovering countries while continuing to grow my hotel management skills. I want to travel through Central and South America, but these are quite big continents, and I don’t want to rush through them. I would like to travel with a mission, not just to relax and take nice pictures during six months. And I would really like to be helpful to people and to continue to gain work experience in my field to become one day a great Hotel Manager.

I already gained some work experience as a Sales & Revenue Manager, and I had this funny idea… why not offer to share my business knowledge in exchange for a bed along the way from Mexico to Argentina?

An idea that I’m sure others already had before, but unfortunately I could not find anyone on the Internet with such an experience (if you do know of anyone, please let me know, I would love to get their feedback!).

It was a long time that I was thinking about the possibility to organize a trip this way, but I was also afraid that I was not enough an expert yet to dare offering my skills to hoteliers. However, two months ago, while I was traveling through Spain with my friend Julie that trigger happened… We stayed at the Casa Morada, a lovely and brand new hostel in Cadiz old town. As I was thinking about extending my stay, I asked the receptionist (who happened to be one of the hostel owners) about the rate. We started to speak about its whole hostel pricing strategy. I started to share with him some tips and ideas to increase the occupancy and optimize the daily rate. As we were entering into some interesting debates, he offered me to stay for free in exchange of taking the time to sit down with him a bit later on in order to continue the conversation and teach him the basics of Revenue Management. Deal!

Strengthened by this first positive experience, I tried my luck and repeated it in Granada. This time I sent e-mails prior to my arrival to organize the “sharing my knowledge for a bed” trading agreement. And it worked again very well. I met Pepe, the owner of the Polaroid Siesta Hostel where I enjoyed a marvelous stay.

Now back in France and sharing my impressions with my close friends, I decided to transform this idea into a real project and booked my flight for Mexico! I started a blog: and got connected with hotel & tourism professionals in Latin America using LinkedIn to extend my network.

And here I am now, preparing the trip! I’ll arrive in Cancun the 1st of July, and already received some invitations from Hotels and hostels in Honduras, Colombia and Peru.

Are you curious to follow my trip?

Do you know hoteliers in Latin America?

Would you like to help me with translations into English and Spanish of the blog?

You can follow the project on Facebook to get regular updates, or contact me at for any questions or recommendations. I would be very glad to answer the best I can.


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